Mental Health First Aiders Network

Connecting mental health first aiders from across the globe. Resources, webinars, group and individual support for MHFAiders.

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What is MH-FAN?

MHFAN is a network for all mental health first aiders to connect, network, support each other and get professional supervision. You can post what you are achieving as mental health first aiders, what projects your company is involved in, and most importantly join our webinars with access to our experienced instructors, counsellors and qualified therapists (see what is supervision)

Its a network for everything mental health first aid, and information and new ideas powered by the members.

What does MH-FAN membership include

Full access to the networking platform

Create your own network of MHFAider friends, reach out to fellow MHFAiders across the globe and share ideas

Access to the weekly supervision meetings

Access our scheduled group supervision sessions either independently or as an organisation.

Access to E-learning courses

Access our full-length mental health awareness course and bite-size courses designed in house by our experienced therapists.

Access to the Digital toolbox

Access our digital toolbox with information and videos and a catalogue of contact details for crisis support and further signposting.

Membership is FREE

You can network and chat with MHFAiders from across the globe and access useful resources completely FREE of any charge.

The only charge is for individual or group supervision and specialist webinars, these can be paid for by your company/organization/charity using care coins a non for profit community interest company that is partnered with MHFAN.

Membership is open to all MHFAiders regardless of which course they have taken.

We appreciate there are several courses available such as MHFA Australia, MHFA England, MHFA Scotland, MHFA Wales MHFA Ireland, MHFA USA (please forgive us but the list is too big to list all of them) and there are the Nuco and Qualsafe level 1,2 and 3 courses, mental health in the workplace, there are also bespoke CPD courses and varieties of terminologies such as champions, mental health awareness, this network welcomes anyone who is a FAN of MH and supporting colleagues, friends and family and we welcome everyone.

It’s vital to support your MHFAiders

MHFAiders volunteered for the role, and are often subject to people vocalizing very serious and upsetting events that can personally affect them, they also have their other day to day roles to concentrate on and need as much support as possible.

What is supervision?

Mental Health First Aiders are not therapists, (some might be) yet they may often find themselves feeling overwhelmed by some of the content they have listened to and situations they have been involved in as a Mental Health First Aider.

By comparison, qualified therapists are required to have a minimum of 1,5 hours of supervision per month (and they have had years of expert training if they are BACP certified).

Employers have a duty of care to safeguard not only those who seek mental health support but also those who are involved in facilitating it. The position of mental health first aider is voluntary and usually in addition to an employee’s day-to-day role. As that employee is not a qualified mental health practitioner, it is vital that they have clear parameters and effective support in place. Without the right support, the responsibility of helping others can become a burden and cause the employee harm, becoming detrimental to their own mental health.

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There are many wonderful courses to become a Mental Health First Aider.

Some are accredited and some are not, they all differ in certain ways, but what always remains the same is the MHFAiders passion in their hearts to help their colleagues and friends, all MHFAiders are welcome here at MH FAN.

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