Employers have a duty of care to their mental health first aiders.

We believe that raising awareness of mental health and fostering a culture of openness is vitally important. However, using mental health first aiders should be part of a wider approach to developing a mentally healthy organisation.

As part of your duty of care to staff acting as mental health first aiders you should ensure that:

Mental health first aiders you should ensure that:

  • You have policies and procedures in place setting out how
    MHFA roles are implemented in your organisation
  • MHFAs have access to professional support for their own
    wellbeing, including professional supervision or counselling
    when required
  • MHFAs understand boundaries are not working beyond their
  • Potential risks of using MHFAs are identified and mitigating
    actions are built into your policies and procedures

What an employer should know about their mental health first aiders

Monitor MHFAiders

You should have a system that monitors your mental health firstn aiders, how many you have, how many hours they are spending as an MHFAider, the types of support they are providing and their level of impact.

Support MHFAiders

MHFAiders need support themselves. It is important to have a system in place that allows them immediate access to the help they need.

Empower MHFAiders

MHFAiders need to be able to support colleagues effectively and
they can’t do this if they’re not empowered in their role (see the platform video below)

The most effective tool we have ever seen for MHFAider tracking and support is the bespoke MHFAider platform by Red Umbrella.


Supporting mental health first aiders

Employers have a duty of care to safeguard those who seek mental health support and those who are involved in facilitating it. The position of mental health first aider is voluntary and usually in addition to an employee’s day-to day role. As that employee is not a qualified mental health practitioner, it is vital that they have clear parameters and effective support in place in their role. Without the right support, the responsibility of helping others may become a burden and cause the employee and others harm, even becoming detrimental to their mental health.

MH-FAN offers all the support your MHFA’s need.

Types of Support

MH-FAN provides:

  • Access to the largest online network of mental health first aiders, for peer support, to share learning and best practice resources.
  • Professional supervision: mental health first aiders may come across issues that they are not qualified to support or may affect them personally. MH-FAN provides trained therapists who can give 1-2-1 support for mental health first aiders.
  • Group sessions: these can be beneficial for larger groups of MHFAiders working in the same organisation.

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How much does supervision cost?

1 Care Coin

30 minute 121 supervision with therapist

2 Care Coins

60 minute 1-2-1 supervision with therapist

Group supervision sessions

For up to 6 persons

1 Care Coin per person for 2X 60 minute sessions

MHFAider up-skilling courses

1 Care Coin per course

One care coin costs £30 and care coins can be used for all services associated with www.carecoins.co.uk and www.red-umbrella.co.uk